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Metal Plaque Wooden Base

Elevate your brand's prestige with our Metal Plaque on Wooden Base. A perfect blend of rustic charm and modern elegance, this piece makes your corporate message stand out with sophistication.

1 metal plaque wooden base top.jpg
2 metal plaque wooden base.jpg

Refined Metal Plaque on Wooden Base

  • A harmonious blend of metal and wood, crafted for sophistication.

  • Tailor-made for corporate distinction, perfect for engraving your brand's ethos and achievements.

Custom options available

  • Variety of wood colors and custom-sized bases.

  • Personalized metal plaque design with custom finishing and sizing.

  • Velvet backing on the bottom for a premium touch.

  • Minimum Qty: 100pcs

3 metal plaque wooden base.jpg

Branding Function

Transform your brand's recognition with our Metal Plaque on Wooden Base. This sophisticated product can be custom-tailored to carry your brand's logo or message, and it's versatile enough for various occasions. Consider it for corporate awards ceremonies, commemorative events, or as gifts for high-profile clients and partners. The elegant packaging options further enhance your brand's prestige, making it an ideal choice for companies aiming to leave a lasting impression.

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