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Scarves & Socks Set

Wrap your brand in sustainability with our Custom Woven Scarves & Socks made from recycled materials. They're not just accessories, but a statement of your commitment to eco-friendly elegance.

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Artisanal Custom Woven Scarves & Socks

  • Crafted from eco-friendly recycled materials, blending sustainability with style.

  • Perfect for corporate branding, these accessories offer a unique, eco-conscious way to weave your brand into everyday fashion.

Custom options available

  • Custom logo integration on scarves and socks.

  • Personalized artwork designs and color patterns.

  • Options for custom imprint labels and hanger cards, various materials, and styles.

  • Minimum Qty: 1,000pcs (Scarf), 500pairs (Socks)

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Branding Function

Elevate your brand's appreciation with our Custom Woven Scarves & Socks. These accessories add a touch of warmth and style to corporate gifting. Perfect for recognizing employees' dedication or building brand loyalty among your valued team.

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