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Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry


Create jewelry that is uniquely you, with custom clasps, pendants, and charms made to fit your business™ image and style. Let BizPins™ craftsmen create your next one-of-a-kind jewelry piece using our six easy steps.


  • STEP 1:
    Consider the image that you hope to create. Add cut-outs or 3-dimensionality to your design for a special look.

    STEP 2:
    Select the metal process by viewing the lapel pin section on pages 3-9.


    STEP 3:
    Choose plating finishes (see page 2) and Pantone colors for your design.


    STEP 4:
    Precious metals and stones are also available, see page 7.


    STEP 5:
    Next select the attachment for your bracelet, earrings, or necklace.
    Many attachments are shown on pages 35-36 of our 2009 catalog or click here; however many other attachment styles are available.


    STEP 6:
    Submit your vector artwork for design consultation and custom pricing.

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