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Key Tag - Silicon Wristband

Key Tag - Silicon Wristband

SKU: # SW-09 CSK1

Hang onto your keys! This silicone loop makes it easy to "hang on" or "hang 'em up".

We continue to be a wristband leader in the industry by offering the highest quality bands at very competitive prices. Don't be misled by others low prices and suffer their low quality.

We have sold and continue to sell only one level of quality, the highest!

  • Code 250 500 1000 2000 3000
    SW-0900 $1.44 $1.35 $1.30 $1.16 $1.07
    SW-0901 $1.53 $1.42 $1.32 $1.25 $1.16
    SW-0902 $1.53 $1.44 $1.30 $1.16 $1.07
    SW-0903 $2.84 $2.24 $1.92 $1.65 $1.46


    2D Mold Charge
    SW-0900 $50
    SW-0901 $50
    SW-0902 $50
    SW-0903 $50

    • Pricing includes choice of one PMS matched silicone color with:
    • SW-0900 - Debossed design.
    • SW-0901 - Debossed design with one PMS matched color fill.
    • SW-0902 - one PMS matched Screen printed color.
    • SW-0903 - is a longer 10" band for wearing on the wrist. Price includes debossed or screened. For color fill, add 0.10(C).



    • one side 3/8" H x 2-1/2" W design area.
    • full wrap 3/8" H x 5-1/2" W design area.



      For Multi color bands add 0.10 (C) for each additional silicone color.
    • For silicone color change add $40.00 (G) setup per color (500 piece minimum per color.
    • SW-0901 For an additional PMS matched color fill add a $0.10(C) run charge for each additional color.
    • SW-0902 For an additional PMS matched screen printed color add a $0.10(C) run charge plus a $55.00 (G) set-up charge for each additional color.
    • For glow in the dark silicone, please add a $0.10 (C) run charge. Frosty white silicone changes to glow in the dark green, red or blue (choice of one).



    • 50.00 (G) sample charge plus set-up charges. Sample charge only is refunded with order placed.
    • Preproduction sample add 2 weeks to delivery. Overnight shipping charges apply.



    • 3 weeks from approval of paper proof or pre production sample.

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